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Hi! My name is Danielle Kent, you can call me Danie.
My love for design started at a very young age in my beloved Minnesota backyard. My rain boots, untamed hair, love for adventure and polaroid camera started it all. My designs began with handmade collages and slowly moved into the digital world. I mastered paint as much as one can truly master paint. Design became a way of life shortly after that.


In high school, I had the opportunity to participate in Business Professionals of America. I entered two categories, web design and finance. Both of the categories got me to the state competition, and only one got me to nationals. Unfortunately, it was finance, and I realized that I had a lot of learning to do. That didn’t discourage me. I kept learning, taking in my surroundings and in college I dedicated myself to graphic design. Today, I am a graphic design graduate and I am ready to design the world around me! I look forward to meeting you, learning more about you and what visual story you would like to portray to your clients! Contact me for more information and to take your branding to the next level! 


Hope to hear from you soon!



a few of my favorite things




Traveling the world


A warm cup of chai

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